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Bush Motorcase Passes War Protesters
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By DEB RIECHMANN (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer August 12, 2:05PM EST

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) — From the window of his limousine, President Bush got a motorcade view of more than 100 anti-war protesters camped outside his ranch as he rode to a political fund-raiser Friday near his spread. Bush did not stop.

(ap) - That opening paragraph is so Ripe with Bitterness, Resentment and Anger, that if Deb was to deny it when asked, I would laugh in her face... Literally. I read that, and I had to wonder if the AP let one of the Protestors camped out in front of White House II write it! "His limousine"... "His spread"... Of course, he "left for a Fundraiser", which I am sure the "Free Press" was waiting for... As if Bush (43) only leaves his "Spread" to go raise money. I will bet you any amount of money, that this story, as with every other AP account of this Mother, will not mention that she has changed her story about her first visit with Bush (43). Let's read along and find out, mmmkay! For the record, the Error in the headline, was on both the teaser, and on the main story page... Not my error, so I am not about to Correct it! - tha malcontent)


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a malcontent rant: Err Amerika Circa Early 40's...

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Iraq Veteran Seeks House Seat From Ohio
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By DAN SEWELL (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer August 2, 12:45 PM EST

CINCINNATI (AP) — Republican Jean Schmidt was first in line when the polls opened Tuesday as voters in a southwestern Ohio congressional seat chose between her and Democrat Paul Hackett, an Iraq veteran who is critical of the war.

(ap) - You can find no reference of Hackett being a DemocRAT on his own website, or apparently his ads in Ohio...  I wonder why he is not mentioning that Fact?  Is he Ashamed?... Or is he attempting to Deceive the People of Ohio, and the District that would not Vote for him if he was Proud to be a DemocRAT? For the Record... Hackett But-Monkey: "I was against the war. It was a misuse of our military that damaged our credibility throughout the world and squandered our political capital. Still, I volunteered to serve, and I have no regrets. But now we need to face the reality of the situation there. Our country has gone to war and every American must share in that responsibility." He went to Iraq for the same reason J. Forbes went to Vietnam, to give the Perception that when they badmouthed it, as they intended to do before going to War, that they have "the standing", because "they served"... This is the worst kind of Politics... Hackett NEVER Supported this War from day one, and his "service" is an Insult to those who Support the Mission they are Fighting FOR to this day. He went to Iraq to Fight AGAINST us, but he wore our Uniform... - tha malcontent)

(Edited @ 1:42 PM for Clarification of Hackett's Lack of Party Reference on his Campaign Website)


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a malcontent rant: HIV/AIDS Continues to be a Homosexual Male Problem

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Senate Votes to Guard Gunmakers From Suits
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By MARY DALRYMPLE (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer July 29, 04:50 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate voted Friday to shield firearms manufacturers, dealers and importers from lawsuits brought by victims of gun crimes, a measure opponents said had been ordered up by the gun lobby.

(ap) - This is so Obvious, that only a Liberal could be Ignorant enough, or Dishonest enough to not Understand it, or Concede it... Criminals use all kinds of Weapons to Create "Victims". This Legislation is to Protect Law-abiding Gun Sellers and Manufacturers from the Liberals in the DemocRAT Party who want to further Victimize these Victims by using them to take the 2nd Amendment from "the People". Thank God Jefferson's view was not needed in this instance... "The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." The DemocRATS have tried, and thank God that the REPUBLICans have Control. What I find most Entertaining about this AP "news" story, is at the end, they break down Campaign Contributions to the GOP from Gun Manufacturers as to Illustrate that they "bought" this Legislation, but by Contrast, they would never list the Abortion Mill, also known as, Unplanned Parenthood's donations regarding pro-Abortion Legislation. The Bias, and the Hypocrisy is Self-Evident. At the end of this story, I Expose the AP's "source" for Contribution data by Illustrating that they have the same Contributors as NPR... Something the AP is not Honest enough to do when "reporting". - tha malcontent)


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a Never Nuanced rant: Thank you Judge Coughenour

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a malcontent rant: Deny the Bias...

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a malcontent rant: Spit on a Returning Soldier, and I'll put you in a Hole

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a Never Nuanced rant: “Outed” by Rove

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07.11.2005: tha malcontent jr. is 25 weeks and kicks like a...

LAPD Officers Kill Man Holding Baby
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By ANDREW DALTON (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer July 11, 06:45 AM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police officers shot and killed a man Sunday night when he emerged from his home carrying a young girl following an hours-long standoff and opened fire, wounding one officer, authorities said. The girl was also killed in the gunfire.

(ap) - As Misleading a Headline as I have ever read... It's not False, but the Perception that is Intended, Clearly is. The "Free Press" can't take enough shots at the LAPD, can they! I really have no more to comment on, because after the Attention Grabbing Dishonesty in the Headline, the AP decides to let you know, as Paul Harvey would put it, "the rest of the story". It's Disgusting that they could not Illustrate the broader picture in the Headline, instead of painting an Image of a "Rodney King LAPD" Committing yet another Injustice... Predictable, but still Sad. I am simply Documenting it for Posterity. Oh, you want to know how I would have Headlined it?... "Police Kill Shooter Who Used Infant as Shield" - tha malcontent)


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a malcontent rant: "Your Mission is Immoral and Based on Lies..."

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Judge Orders Jail for N.Y. Times Reporter
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By PETE YOST (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer July, 05:25 AM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — New York Times reporter Judith Miller was jailed Wednesday for refusing to divulge a confidential source to a grand jury investigating the Bush administration's leak of an undercover CIA operative's name. Another reporter, Matthew Cooper of Time magazine, agreed to talk and avoided jail.

(ap) - "Investigating the Bush administration's leak of an undercover CIA operative's name."... This is a "Fact", AP? From what I understand, this is not an Established Fact. The Appropriate, Honest and Objective Journalistic way to to Report this is to call it an "Alleged leak". As to whether or not someone in the Administration "leaked" it, it could have been any person, including hold-overs from Clinton, or even people close to Wilson's Wife in the CIA who are also at odds with the current Administration. It could very well have been a smoke screen to take the Focus off of this CIA Agent and her Assistance with her Husband in Attacking this President. This is a great piece about the issue by Clifford May: It's very well Sourced, and includes the Senate Intelligence Committee's Report's Conclusion: that Joe Wilson was Lying, "Valerie had nothing to do with the matter, She definitely had not proposed that I make the trip (To Niger)." Well, the SICR found a Memo by his Wife, and he was Lying. The REAL Scandal is that his Wife got him an 8 day Vacation to Niger to come back here and Report in Word, not on Paper, that the President Lied about Yellow Cake... Problem is, Bush (43) Referred to British Intelligence Reports of "Yellow Cake", which not only does the British Government stand by to this Day, the Facts have played out to back that British Assertion... Either way, the President Specifically Source the Brits, and that's not a Lie, Liberals, but your Assertions to the Contrary are either Lies or Ignorance of the Facts! If the "Free Press" was being Honest, as opposed to Assisting in the Attempted Destruction of this President that began the day they Failed to Sue Algore into Office while they counted Dimpled Chads, you may have known these Facts. When this plays out, Joe and his Wife are going to be the one's in Trouble, not the President. But when that happens, the "Free Press" will have moved onto the next Attack, as they always do! Remember the Downing Street Memos?... Yeah, another shinning example of Journalism gone Criminal. Destruction of Original Source to Protect Source. If that's the Standard, then I can Report anything I want, can't I? Only in the Left's (r)eality! What you can count on though, is that the AP will not cite the Senate Report Documenting Joe Wilson as Liar! But feel free to read further and find out for yourself! I know the AP so well, I could have written this TRIPE for them! - tha malcontent)


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a malcontent rant: The Collective DemocRAT is Guilty of Treason During Wartime

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a malcontent rant: Burning the Flag Symbolizes the Destruction of this REPUBLIC...

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Byrd Laments KKK Connection
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By VICKI SMITH (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer June 20, 08:51 AM EST

MORGANTOWN, WV (AP) — Sen. Robert C. Byrd's new memoir reveals both his encyclopedic knowledge of political history and the unlikely inspiration that helped launch his own political career: a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

(ap) - As I would expect, the AP did not mention the Fact that 2 Decades after the KKK, Former Grand Kleagle Robert C. Byrd (D) spent 14 hours of his own Personal Time Filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act... He was not a "young man", nor was he Regretful in his 40's for his Bigotry that he now seems so (r)egretful for. I wonder why Byrd's (D-KKK) stand Against Civil Rights for Blacks is not mentioned in this TRIPE Masquerading as Legitimate Wire copy?... It appears to me that the AP wants to try to put the KKK thing to bed. Well, if Bobby Byrd is Regretful for his Racist past, then let's look at his Racist Present... "There are White Niggers".... Circa 2002. Trent Lott (R) paid tribute to Strom at a 100th Birthday Party and made a passing remark about Strom's DixiecRAT run in 1948, and the "Free Press" spent 2 weeks straight with daily coverage of his need to "step down".... Byrd says "There are White Niggers" and his Spokesperson is allowed to put it to rest in one news cycle with, "The Senator was Tired"... The Bias is so Self-evident, that to Deny it, is to Illustrate one's Dishonesty or Ignorance. Anyway, I enjoy it when the AP actually tries to deal with this Bigot, it simply gives me more Material! For some Entertaining reading, here is my take on this Byrd/Lott issue from 2002: Until next time... - tha malcontent)


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To see Supposed Memo as Written by a London Times Reporter, click here: Forgerygate II?

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Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans
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By THOMAS WAGNER (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer June 18, 2:25 PM EST

LONDON (AP) — When Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief foreign policy adviser dined with Condoleezza Rice six months after Sept. 11, the then-U.S. national security adviser didn't want to discuss Osama bin Laden or al-Qaida. She wanted to talk about "regime change" in Iraq, setting the stage for the U.S.-led invasion more than a year later.

(ap) - "Smith told AP he protected the identity of the source he had obtained the documents from by typing copies of them on plain paper and destroying the originals." The Originals are Destroyed, the Source is unknown, yet the Dishonest on the Left are calling for Impeachment on a Vague Claim in a Copied Memo... A Memo, by the way, that Assumes that Saddam did in Fact have WMD in at least two places in the Memo, yet the Left Conveniently Ignores that Information in favor of the "fixed" reference, which cites no Specific Person, or Persons, nor anything of Substance... Classic! Here is an example of the Memo Assuming that Saddam had WMD: "The military were continuing to ask lots of questions. For instance, what were the consequences, if Saddam used WMD on day one, or if Baghdad did not collapse and urban warfighting began? You said that Saddam could also use his WMD on Kuwait. Or on Israel, added the Defence Secretary." It's funny how nobody who is talking about this Memo mentions that part! This is "the Smoking Gun" according to the Left: "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." First and foremost, it does not say that the Intelligence was being Fixed, it says that the Intelligence and FACTS were being "Fixed around the Policy"... Nobody is Specifically named, and even if they were, I don't see a problem with it.... ASSUMING this is not another Burkett Fax, as was the case with Dan Rather (D) and Forgerygate. Far too many Assumptions have to be made about this Copy of a Destroyed Memo without Source, and even if we make those Assumptions, it's not really news to me. They made the Case to take Saddam out, and you don't do that by Focusing on why we should not go to War. If we did that, the War in Afghanistan would never have happened. There were plenty of Questions in that War, and still are to this day, but that's not how the Victor in War Wins in War. Saddam had WMD as Documented by the UN, and Foreign Intelligence, including France and Germany's said he had WMD, so unless EVERYONE was in on this with Bush (43), there is no story here, just a bunch of Frustrated, Angry and Confused out-of-Power DemocRATS who think Petulant Tantrums are the way to regain Power... It's endlessly Entertaining to me! - tha malcontent)


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a malcontent rant: You know you are a Liberal when...

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Senate to apologize for not enacting anti-lynching legislation
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By JIM ABRAMS (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer June 7, 5:35 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — An Illinois woman who is the great-great granddaughter of a black South Carolina farmer who was killed by a white mob nearly a century ago will be on hand next week when the Senate belatedly apologizes for failing to pass anti-lynching legislation.

(ap) - DemocRATS should Apologize for Opposing anti-Lynching Laws.... And for Robert "There are White Niggers - 2002" Byrd (D-KKK) while they are at it!... And Algore's Dad, Algore Senior (D-Segregationist)! My primary question is, are the Senators who once belonged to, or were associated with Organizations that fought this Legislation, going to Personally Apologize? Why should Babs Boxer (D) Apologize?... Except for the Fact that it was her Party (D) that led the Opposition to Civil Rights for Blacks along with Algore Senior (D-Father of Junior). Another thing, was Killing legal as long as you "Lynched"? Seems to me that Legislation was a formality, whereas Action on the part of the Federal Government to Prosecute these Crimes was needed. Constitutionally, Lynching was not Legal. But let's have a little bit of History about one of the leading DemocRATS Against anti-Lynching Laws, shall we... Senator "There are White Niggers - 2002" Byrd (D-KKK) was the driving Force behind changing the Senates primary Office Building in 1972, not 1942, to be named after his "Mentor", DixiecRAT Senator Dick Russell, who lead the Opposition Against "Anti-Lynching" Legislation... Byrd (D-KKK) himself Filibustered Civil Rights for Blacks for 14 hours on the Senate Floor Personally in 1964... He's ALL yours DemocRATS! My guess is, the AP will Fail to assign Party or Responsibility Specifically in this TRIPE Masquerading as Legitimate Wire copy, but let's read along and see, shall we! - tha malcontent)


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Suspected Denver Police Killer Captured
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By MEGAN McCLOSKEY (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer June 5, 4:05 PM EST

DENVER (AP) — A man suspected of shooting and killing a police detective and wounding his colleague last month was arrested in Mexico on Saturday, ending an extensive manhunt that also included investigations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Denver police said.

(ap) - This is not getting much National Attention, but it has very Serious National Implications. The reason the National Media is Choosing to Ignore this story, just as they Ignore the Fact in this story that he was Illegal, is because of White Liberal Guilt and an Obscene Sympathy towards Murderers, Specifically those who are not White, and are not Killing Abortionists or Pedophiles,
or are not in our Military and involved in a Questionable Kill in Iraq...  No Sympathy for our Military whatsoever! I am Honestly shocked that there is no reference to his Illegal Status, even in a Politically Correct manner, like, "Undocumented Immigrant". This is really Telling about where the "Free Press" is on this very Important issue that faces this Country at a very Critical time in our History. I have people in the DPD who knew this Officer, and our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Family of the Victim, and to those Officers who have to move forward in that very Difficult line of Work. This Illegal issue has to be dealt with, sooner rather than later. - tha malcontent)


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a malcontent rant: Clinton Agitated bin Laden, Bush (43) Responded

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GDP Up 3.5 Percent; Jobless Claims Rise
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By JEANNINE AVERSA (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
AP Economics Writer May 26, 11:05 AM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The country's economic performance in the opening quarter of 2005 was better than first thought, logging a solid 3.5 percent annual growth rate in a new sign of a strong springtime business expansion.

(ap) - This headline is another Prime Example of the Bias that is Inherent in the "Free Press". When the news is bad, the AP does not add in good news to the headline to soften the bad with good, but if they are forced to Report on Good news, they will almost always find bad to Counter it with. This time, they decided to put it dead square in the headline. Payrolls were up in April by 274,000, an Obvious increase from March's 146,000, but the AP opts to point out a near meaningless increase in the Jobless Claims in the Headline. Very telling... - tha malcontent)

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05.20.2005 - 05.22.2005: tha malcontent is Campin'!... Lost Park.

Newsweek Apologizes for Quran Story Errors
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By DINO HAZELL (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
AP Economics Writer May 16, 8:15 AM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — In an apology to readers this week, Newsweek acknowledged errors in a story alleging U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay desecrated the Quran. The accusations, which the magazine vowed to re-examine, spawned protests in Afghanistan that left 15 dead and scores injured.

(ap) - Classic!... Newsweak, in Ratheresque (D) form, cared more for harming the President and his Party Politically, than they did in Establishing Fact before Molesting their Constitutional Obligation as the "Free Press". The difference?... Rather's (D) Zealotry did not cause Death and Violence. Newsweak and it's Minions had best stop the "Government Source" Excuse as soon as Humanly possible, because unless they intend on naming the Source of the "hearsay", they are doing little more than Deflecting Responsibility that lies solely at their doorstep for Reporting on less than Proof regarding such Inflammatory Allegations. ap Editors Note: Newsweak could not be reached for comment for this Article, apparently they were too busy trying to get the Blood of their hands! Yet another shinning example! - tha malcontent)


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Employers Boost Hiring, Jobless Rate Steady
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By JEANNINE AVERSA (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
AP Economics Writer May 6, 10:20 AM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Employers ramped up hiring in April, adding 274,000 jobs, enough to hold the nation's jobless rate steady at 5.2 percent. The latest figures offered a hopeful sign that the labor market is gaining traction and that any economic rough patch will be temporary.

(ap) - Keeping that average, there could be over 3 million new jobs created this year!... So much for the Doom and Gloom we heard... Or not: "Americans Gloomy on Economic Outlook by Barbara Hagenbaugh of USA TODAY: "(May 6) -- Americans have grown gloomier about the economic outlook, according to a new survey that suggests high gasoline prices, moderate job growth and rising interest rates are taking a toll on consumers' view of the future."... This, on the heels of very Strong Job numbers, a 5.2% Unemployment rate, and Solid Growth. In 1996, the entire "Free Press" was calling that Economy a "Boom"... The Unemployment rate was 5.4%+/- on average that year, and Growth is actually stronger in this Economy... Yet another shinning example of Bias Against the Party they do not Vote for! - tha malcontent)


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- Happy Day after Cuatro de Mustard! -

If Proof is the Standard for Defending Ourselves, and Perfection is the Standard for Fighting Wars, then the DemocRATS need NEVER to be in Power again! - tha malcontent 05.05.2005...

FDA To Reject Homosexual Sperm Donations
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By ? (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer May 5, 2:45 PM EST

AP) — To the dismay of gay-rights activists, the Food and Drug Administration is about to implement new rules recommending that any man who has engaged in homosexual sex in the previous five years be barred from serving as an anonymous sperm donor.

ap) - What are "gay-rights"?... I understand that most mainstream outlets have Conceded the Molestation of the Language regarding "Gay" being the Polite to way to refer to Homosexual Men, but what "Rights" are they being Denied? Marriage is not a "Right"... Habeas Corpus is Specifically called a "Privilege" that can be "Suspended" in the Constitution. As far as I know, Homosexuals have NEVER been Denied the Right to Vote, yet they are constantly comparing their (s)truggle to the Moral and Just Struggle for Basic Rights that People of Color, along with Whites, Fought for over the previous two hundred years. Simply stating that one has "Rights" based on a CLAIM that you were born to Deliberately Deviate from your Natural Design, does not make it so. As to Denying Anonymous sperm donning by Homosexual Men, well... They make up about 2% of the Population, yet continue to be the Majority of new HIV cases in America as of 2003, the latest data available. It's not worth the risk in what amounts to a Plea for Validation that seems to have no boundaries. - tha malcontent)


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Flashback: 09.21.2001: "A Saddam Connection?"...

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Cardinal Ratzinger... Pope Benedict XVI - 2005

3 Indicted in U.N. Oil-For-Food Scandal
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By LARRY NEUMEISTER (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Apr 14, 12:05 PM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — A Texas businessman, along with a Bulgarian and a British citizen, were indicted in a scheme to pay millions of dollars in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime as part of the United Nations' scandal-ridden oil-for-food program, federal prosecutors said Thursday

(ap) - I remember when the Left was denying there was even a Scandal... Compare this Scandal, and it's coverage, to Ken Lay and Enron.  Ken Lay was "the boss", so he was Guilty according to the Left, even without a Fair Trial. Kofi is the boss at the UN, but regardless of how bad this gets, they will not see him the same way they see Ken Lay. Did the Enron Scandal help to continue Torture, Murder and Oppression? The Left is Morally Bankrupt on this issue, along with many others. If Kofi was a pal of Bush (43), this Scandal would have seen more coverage than Enron did. - tha malcontent)


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04.13.2005: tha malcontent was drunk with GunJon...

a malcontent rant: AP's Top 10 Stories for 1996 & 2004

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AP Poll: Next Pope Should Pursue Change
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By WILL LESTER (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Apr 4, 04:50 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Most Americans want the next pope to work for changes in Roman Catholic Church policies to allow priests to marry and women to join the priesthood. And they want more done to combat sexual abuse by priests, an AP-Ipsos poll found.

(ap) - How do you think the American People feel about combating Sexual Abuse by Public School Teachers?... Why is the NEA so silent on this issue? If the AP and the rest of the "Free Press" were not so Hostile towards everything Religious, and so Sympathetic and Excusatory towards everything regarding Public Education, maybe we would see an Honest portrait of the Sexual Abuse problems in both venues! I would venture to say, that if the "Free Press" was to do research into both problems Honestly and Objectively, that both are about the same percentage of the total numbers of Teachers and Priests. Of course, the AP would not even think about painting the Sexual Abuse problem in the Public Schools as anything more than a "freak occurrence", and they would definitely not imply that the NEA is in on covering it up, as they were more than willing to do to the Catholic Church. Anyway, "polling" the American people about Reformation of ANY Church is laughable, and the AP's Politics are showing through VERY clear! - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


Pope John Paul II 1920 - 2005... Rest in Peace

Extra: Berger to Plead Guilty to Taking Materials
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By MARK SHERMAN (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Fri Apr 1,10:47 AM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sandy Berger, who was President Clinton's top national security aide, has acknowledged taking classified documents from the National Archives and cutting them up with scissors, law enforcement officials said Friday.

(ap) - Clinton and Berger... A Thief and a Liar. Clinton was found "In Contempt of Court" for "Willfully Lying under Oath", to a Federal Grand Jury and now his "top National Security Aid", according to the AP, ("National Security Advisor", if the AP were not trying to keep you from thinking about Condi in this situation, and the difference in coverage if it were Condi.) has been proven to be a Thief, and a Destroyer of Documents from the National Archives, and a 2-time Liar!... If Berger was Bush (43)'s boy, Dan Rather (D) would have **** himself focusing on this story. Replace Clinton's name with Bush (43) and Berger's name with Condi Rice, and imagine how this story would have been covered as you read it! Keep this in mind, Berger was working for the Kerry Campaign as a top Advisor at the time he stole these Documents. You would think that would play a major role in this AP story, wouldn't ya? - tha malcontent)


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Payroll Growth Sluggish; Jobless Rate Dips
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By JEANNINE AVERSA (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
AP Economics Writer Apr 1, 12:10 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Payroll growth across the country was sluggish in March as employers added just 110,000 jobs, the fewest since July. Nevertheless, the soft labor market accommodated enough people to drop the unemployment rate to 5.2 percent.

(ap) - One question... Why do you think that the AP lead with "Payroll Growth Sluggish" as opposed to "Unemployment drops to 5.2%"? If unemployment had risen to 5.6%, that would have been the lead, as it always is when it increases when an (R) is @ 1600. I heard today that manufacturing jobs have made 32 straight months of gains... And to hear the "Free Press" Parrot their Party last fall during the Election, there were NO manufacturing jobs left in America. They had all gone to Mexico and China. Does this mean that the "Free Press" was Lying, or just willing participants in a Lie? Anyway, 5.2% unemployment during Clinton was about as good a thing as could have happened in the mid to late 90's, but under Bush (43), it's headlined as "Sluggish". Yet another example of the Bias that is Inherent in today's "Free Press". According to the annual Associated Press poll of newspaper editors and broadcast news directors, the #2 story in 1996 was, "U.S. ELECTION: Bill Clinton sailed into a second term.", while the #9 story was, "BOOM CONTINUES: The stock market soared, the deficit was down and unemployment neared a seven-year low." The average unemployment rate for 1996 was 5.4%, as compared with 5.5% in 2004. Growth was actually stronger in 2004, yet the 2004 top 10 list by the AP did not include the 2004 improvement from the slowdown of 2000, and the Recession of 2001, and that was almost a mirror image of 1996's economy. I wonder why that was the case? By the way, Clinton did not get 50% of the Popular Vote in 1996, yet to hear the AP list it as a story, Clinton "sailed into a second term", while Bush (43)'s 51% and a wins in the House and Senate were apparently not decisive. Having just read the top 10 lists for both years, according to the AP, I will be doing a special report looking at both, and illustrating the Obscene Bias that is so Obviously displayed by what the "Free Press" saw as the top stories for both years, and how they are described by the AP. - tha malcontent)


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Economy Grows at Steady Pace at End of 2004
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By JEANNINE AVERSA (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
AP Economics Writer Mar 30, 4:45 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The economy — supported by solid business and consumer spending — grew in the closing three months of 2004 at an annual rate of 3.8 percent. It's expected to perform even better in the opening quarter of this year.

(ap) - Where in the hell has this great economic news been today? Obviously I found it, but I looked for it! For those of you who do not know, the final quarter of 2004 was exactly the same quarter that this Country had a Presidential Election in. Do any of you remember hearing anything resembling good news regarding the economy last fall before the Election?... Of course not. We were blessed with an ever-obedient DNC Parrot of a "Free Press" telling us what a horrible job Bush (43) was doing with the Economy, and allowing the most Asinine comparisons onto the Public airwaves like, "The worst Economy since Hoover!"... If they had any shame. For a comparison, remember back to the "booming 90's", and the "great economy" that got Clinton reelected in 1996. The overall average growth in 1996 was 3.7%, as compared with 4.4% in 2004. But more specifically, the 3rd quarter of each year, the quarter closest to the Election with complete data, reflected a 3.4% growth rate leading up to Clinton's re-election, while the 3rd quarter of last year leading up to that eection was 4.0%. Now tell me, how can the "Free Press" be seen as objective considering how they reported on both periods? For more on growth rates according to the data released today by the Commerce Department, and previous years dating back to 1930, click this:
One more note, the unemployment rate leading up to the election in 1996 was 5.6%, while in 2004 it was 5.4%. Considering these Facts, any reference to Hoover during the last election can only be seen as Proof that the "Free Press" is batting for one side over the other in this Political system! If you continue to deny this Reality, then you are probably part of the problem. - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


03.24.2005 to 03.27.2005: tha malcontent is on Vacation!

85 Militants Killed in U.S. Raid in Iraq
(Click headline for the full story)

By EDWARD HARRIS (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Mar 23, 5:55 PM EST

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 85 militants at a suspected training camp along the marshy shores of a remote lake, one of the highest guerrilla death tolls of the two-year insurgency, officials said Wednesday. They said citizens emboldened by the January elections are increasingly turning in intelligence tips.

(ap) - "They said citizens emboldened by the January elections are increasingly turning in intelligence tips." Normally, the AP would state things as a matter of Fact, not as a simple claim by someone potentially not trustworthy to them as a source, like, say, maybe, the United States Military or Government when an (R) is @ 1600! If there were increased Attacks Against our Soldiers, instead of decreasing Attacks as is the case today, the AP would be telling us why, as a matter of Fact. This Realization regarding what the January Elections has brought, has to make the Leftists at the AP's blood boil!... I Love it! Only American Liberals could be so Arrogant and Self-involved as to deny what is going on in the Middle East thanks to our Leadership, and more importantly, our Troops in the field... Or worse yet, once they realize it, to have a Disgust for the good news, as is evidenced in their tone regarding the good news that continues to pile up since January, not only in Iraq, but across the region! - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


03.22.2005: tha malcontent jr. is 9 weeks, and has a beating heart!...

ap Comparison Bonus: Pakistan Explosion Kills 24, Injures 16

(Click headline for the full story)

Militants Kill 5 Police Officers in Iraq
(Click headline for the full story)


By PATRICK QUINN (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Mar 19, 4:50 PM EST

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — Militants killed five police officers - including a police commissioner - on Saturday, the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, as the insurgency pressed on with its tactic of targeting Iraqi security forces, Shiites and Kurds and focusing less on American troops.

(ap) - It's no surprise that 5 Iraqi Police being killed is a lead story over 24 being killed by Terrorists in Pakistan. It's about as surprising as the AP's continued use of the word "Insurgency" as opposed to "Terrorism". Let's take a look at the meanings of both words for Clarification... Insurgency - n : an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict. Terrorism - n. : The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. It's funny, out of the 26 million people who reside in Iraq, one can assume that not many of those 26 million are actively using Terrorism, or are "Insurgents", as the AP enjoys referring to them, but in the story regarding the 24 Killed in Pakistan, the AP has this view, "Most of the Muslims live together peacefully, but small groups of militants on both sides stage attacks." Can you imagine the AP saying the same about Iraq? Can you imagine the AP getting through a story on Iraq without taking shots at the Bush (43) Administration while propping up those who are Against our War? Let's read together and see. The next two paragraphs are the links that the AP provides regarding Iraq. Read them, and tell me if they have a decidedly Negative tone. - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


a malcontent rant: "Growing and Changing" for Homosexual Children

(Click headline for the full story)

Report: Obesity to Lower U.S. Life Span

(Click headline for the full story)


By LINDSEY TANNER (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
AP Medical Writer Mar 17, 10:50 AM EST

CHICAGO (AP) — U.S. life expectancy will fall dramatically in coming years because of obesity, a startling shift in a long-running trend toward longer lives, researchers contend in a report published Thursday.

(ap) - Memo to America: You fat Bastards!... Keep in mind, this Report will be countered by another Report, countered by another Report! Our problem in 50 years is going to be people living too long, not the other way around! The result of this Report will be as would be expected... DemocRATS in the Congress will demand that a Tax be added to the foods that are "the Culprits in the Killing of our Citizens!" Of course, Personal Responsibility will not be part of the Debate, and if it is, it will be called Racist, since the Life spans of Ethnic Minorities are shorter than Whites, and any attempts to stop Legislation protecting the Dependents of the DemocRATS will always be painted as Abject Racism. I have not read this story in advance to commenting on it, as is always the case, and this is my prediction... By the end of it, there will be a Leftist, "Something should be done." angle, and it will include Congress. - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


03.16.2005: tha malcontent is Boardin'!...

'Wedgie' Added to Webster's Dictionary
(Click headline for the full story)

By ? (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Mar 15, 10:55 AM EST

CLEVELAND (AP) — Wedgie, a teenager's locker-room nightmare, has made it into the dictionary. Webster's New World College Dictionary based in Cleveland said wedgie was among its new additions to its latest edition.

(ap) - "'Wedgie' Added to Webster's Dictionary"... You are probably wondering why tha malcontent would post such trivial AP story on his inaugural day of being Hi-Speed... Well, it's because I knew that a word/phrase that the Left has always cringed at, and some even denied, was added. That word/phrase is "Partial-Birth Abortion". Medically speaking, it's called D&X, or Dilation and Extraction. This is a process in which the fully developed Human Fetus in the Womb is Partially Birthed to the head, leaving the head inside, then an incision is made in the back of the head, a tube inserted, and the "contents" are removed via a vacuuming action. For those on the Left who have denied such a thing exists, it's now in the Webster's! "Main Entry: par·tial–birth abortion Pronunciation: 'pär-sh&l- Function: noun : an abortion in the second or third trimester of pregnancy in which the death of the fetus is induced after it has passed partway through the birth canal." And there you have it. Conservatives who are Against the Murder of Inconvenient Life can now say, with all Honesty, the word/phrase "Partial-Birth Abortion". Now go let a Liberal you Love know the Truth! One more thing, I find it interesting that Webster's settled on "the Death of the Fetus is induced", as opposed to being a little more Specific! - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


03.15.2005: tha malcontent is hi-speed... I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

a malcontent rant: CBS Rather Special Skips Clinton Years

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GAO Official: No Crisis in Social Security
(Click headline for the full story)

By GLEN JOHNSON (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Mar 9, 10:25 AM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Social Security "does not face an immediate crisis," the head of the Government Accountability Office said Wednesday, but it does face a long-term financing problem "and it would be prudent to address it sooner rather than later."

(ap) - Is it, "GAO Official: No Crisis in Social Security", or is it "does not face an immediate crisis."?... The keyword is "immediate". Knowing what we know about "the People" and reading headlines, as opposed to reading entire stories, one could assume that the AP is deliberately creating a Perception about the "crisis" not existing, when in Fact, the GAO says it's not "immediate". If the AP was not so Obviously batting for the DemocRATS, they might have titled this story: "GAO: Long-term Financing Problem in Social Security". So not only did the AP attempt to tell "the People" that there is "no crisis", they also ignored the Fact that the GAO acknowledges that Social Security is facing "financing problems" in what amounts to be the only thing that Dan Rather (D) will focus on tonight, his final night, the headline! One more point, the insinuation in this AP headline is that Bush (43) is wrong when he claims that there is a crisis in Social Security, when in Fact Bush (43) and the GAO agree, there is a crisis looming in the near future, and instead of Reacting to it, as the DemocRATS want to down the road some time, we should confront it now. This is yet another classic example of the bias that is inherent in the Associated Press, the mother of all Information in the "Free Press"! Thanks once again for the material, AP! Sometimes you make it too easy! - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


HIV Infection Rate Among Blacks Doubles
(Click headline for the full story)

By JEFF DONN (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Feb 25, 8:10 PM EST

BOSTON (AP) — The HIV infection rate has doubled among blacks in the United States over a decade while holding steady among whites — stark evidence of a widening racial gap in the epidemic, government scientists said Friday.

(ap) - At no point in this story will the Personal Choice of having Anal Sex with another man be part of the problem regarding this increase in HIV Infection. Check this story for some of the Facts regarding Homosexuals that this AP story will surely Ignore: HomospreadHIV. I bet that a lack of proper Healthcare will be blamed for the spread, but not the Factually Documented source of the majority of new HIV Infections in this country to date... Homosexual Sex, Man on Man. Check the CDC for the numbers, but once again, their most recent data puts the majority of new HIV infections in the Deviant Camp. ( We are talking about 2% of the Population, and that's being generous. Something tells me that there will be no reference to Sexual Choices in any form in this entire story... Let's read along and see, mmmkay! - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


Posted: Wed Nov 03 6:58 PM:

PRESIDENT Bush 286 EV/51% PV / Kerry 252/EV 48% PV

SENATE GOP: 55 (+4) / DEM: 44
HOUSE GOP: 231 (+13) / DEM: 200

First Presidential Win by more than 50% since 1988.

(Last DemocRAT was Carter/76 with 50.06%)

Most Votes ever cast for a Candidate for President in History: Bush (43)/04

First time in 52 years that a Senate Leader lost his seat to a Challenger: Tom Daschle (D-ND)...


Tommy, you should not have Stolen the Senate with that Traitor Jeffords and a promise of a Committee Chair shortly after the 2000 Election... You had our unlimited attention for pulling that stunt, and now you know!...


On that note, I hope you had fun kids!... I sure did!  I will find a proper AP story to summarize this Election with, and then unless something dramatic happens, I will be taking a break from the game for a while, and just enjoying the Mandate! - tha malcontent

November 2nd, Election Day in America... GO VOTE!

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 5:23 pm:
...the "Free Press" hasn't learned from it's mistakes in 2000, or in 2002 regarding polling. The demo changed both times. They were DEAD wrong in 2002, and they did not learn that making Terror the focus, only assists the GOP.  Remember, we "debated" Iraq during that Election cycle, and Against the "Free Presses" will, the American People gave the Senate back to who it was stolen from, and gave the GOP more seats in the House.  By contrast, in 1994, Clinton got bitch-slapped with the largest Congressional Rout in History.  The "Free Press" missed that one pre-Election also!

51-48 and near, or maybe even over 300 Electoral Votes for Bush (43).


tha malcontent


AP: Kerry stumps for black voters at churches
ap: Kerry Farms DemocRATS New Plantations

(Click headline for the full story)

By NEDRA PICKLER (Direct descendent of Joseph Stalin! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Oct 10, 3:24 PM EDT

MIAMI (AP) —- With just three Sundays left before Election Day, Sen. John Kerry is asking for all the help he can get from black voters and the Almighty.

(ap) - Nothing like fishing for Votes by simultaneously playing the Race and Religion card! Anything to win, eh J. Forbes, even if means Molesting your side's favorite Religious line, "Separation of Church and State"! When Bush (43) goes to Churches it's portrayed as his being a Right-wing Christian who will force his Religious beliefs on the Electorate, but the newest Heinz Heir does the same, and it's great strategy based in a need for "help" to defeat the possibility of the '64 Civil Rights Act being repealed and Blacks being put back in shackles! The Dishonesty of the Left seems to know no bounds in the current Political cycle! - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)

"When we gave the vote to those who didn't own property, then to women, then to persons of all colors, we added to the richness of our democratic dialogue and our own nation's integrity and its model for the world," - DemocRAT State Senator John Vasconcellos said, calling it time to further extend the vote.

California proposes lowering voting age to 14
(Click headline for the full story)

By JIM WASSERMAN (Direct descendent of Karl Marx! - tha malcontent)
Associated Press Writer Mar 8, 9:15 PM EST

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A proposed amendment to California's constitution would give 16-year-olds a half-vote and 14-year-olds a quarter-vote in state elections.

(ap) - Have I not been warning of this for years now?... I hope some people begin opening their eyes very soon. I don't know what more can be said. I just didn't think it was coming this soon. - tha malcontent)


(Click headline for the full story)


a malcontent rant: Did Kerry "Aid the Enemy" in the Early 70's?

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Economic Growth Expected to Dip in 2005 

Jobless Benefits Claims Reach 4-Year Low 

CNN News Executive Eason Jordan Quits

Oil-for-Food Probe Eyes Annan Papers

On Roe v. Wade anniversary, rival sides wonder if Bush will seek reversal

AP Poll: Americans Ambivalent About Bush

December Hiring Helps Fuel Job Growth

Conservatives Win, Moderates Lose in 2004 

White House: Guard Never Disciplined Bush

Carter Decries Fla. Election Conditions

Upper Midwest Crucial to Kerry's Hopes

Extra: CBS News Apologizes Over Bush Guard Story

Kerry Accuses Bush of Incompetence on Iraq

Questions Linger Over Bush Memos

Better Late than Never... Roe v Wade 2004

AP Poll: Bush Holds Slight Lead on Kerry

Democrat Calls Congressman Who Switched a 'Coward'

Antibiotic-resistant strain of syphilis is spreading

Ex-Congressional Aide Charged With Spying

Economy Grows at Healthy 4.1 Percent Rate

Idiocy Flashback: Kerry Accuses Dean of Liking the Yankees

Bush Accuses Kerry of Waffling on Issues

Bush Installs Pickering on Appeals Court

Extra: House Republican Leaves Party in Protest

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Approach 500

Conservative Texas Rep. Hall Joins GOP

New Jobless Claims Lowest of Bush Tenure

Jackson: It's OK to Sleep With Children

UPI: More U.S. Women Crack Glass Ceiling

Saddam Hussein Captured in Iraq Hideout

Stories that are more Important than Genocide to the AP

Survey: Saddam Killed 61,000 in Baghdad

Bush Tariff Repeal a Political Quagmire

Companies' Productivity Soars 9.4 Percent

Fatal Beating of Man in Custody Probed

U.S. GDP Grows at 8.2 Percent Pace in 3Q

FBI Reports Hate Crimes Down in 2002

Gore Accuses Bush of 'Big Brother' Policy

GOP Gains Two Governorships in South

Economy Grows at Fastest Pace Since 1984

Democratic Sen. Miller Backs Bush in 2004

Scalia Ridicules Court's Gay Sex Ruling

10.23.2001: Breyer Warns on Interpreting Laws

10.23.2002: Gephardt Calls Economy Biggest Issue

Dean Raises $15M, Sets Democratic Record

apFB2001: GAO Reports on Overseas Ballots 

apFB2002: Wisc. Man Badly Beaten by Youth Mob

Foes of Abortion Procedure Near Victory

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Democratic Candidates Offer Grim View of America 

Democratic Candidates' Favorite Songs

Nearly 1.4 Million More in Poverty

Carpetbagger Flashback by "thebug" - 2001

Postwar Iraq Toll Exceeds Combat Deaths

The Dictionary has a Liberal Bias II... Vindication.

Gore Assails Bush Policies in U.S., Iraq

Schwarzenegger Announces Calif. Gov. Bid

Extra: U.S. Economy Improves in 2nd Quarter

Cuts to Air Marshal Program Are Rejected 

Congressman Admits to 'Poor Judgment'

Report Reveals Lapses Before 9/11 Attacks

GOP Frets About Bush Re-Election Chances

Rant 07-19-2003: Iraq II, November 2, 2004, the Left and their "Lies"

Rant 07-19-2002: The Dictionary has a Liberal Bias

Academics Declare Recession Ended in 2001

Clintons Lose Whitewater Appeal

AP buried: Clinton "Knew" directly in 1999!

ap Flashback 2001: The media won't let 2000 go!

Extra: "Burning Down My Master's House"... Classic! 

ap Flashback: Jeffords Leaves Republican Party

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